There are a number of things you will need to know before your USCIS medical exam. Below is a comprehensive list of answers to any questions you may have. Still have a question? Please feel free to call us anytime!

What to Expect

What is a USCIS medical exam?

A USCIS medical exam (sometimes called a green card exam) is required by the United States for anyone applying for permanent lawful status. It is required in order to ensure that people entering the US are healthy and have the necessary vaccines to remain healthy while they are residents in the United States.  These exams can only be performed by a certified USCIS physician.


What should I expect at my appointment?

During your appointment, our USCIS certified doctors will ask you about your health history, complete a physical exam, and perform required blood tests. Immigration services is extremely particular about how your USCIS form is filled out. They require it be filled out to their exact specifications and our experience ensures that your paperwork is submitted correctly, helping you avoid any delays in getting your application approved.


The USCIS I-693 Form

What is a USCIS I-693 form?

A USCIS I-693 form is a required piece of documentation for any application for permanent lawful status in the United States.

Where do I get a USCIS I-693 form?

You can download and print a copy of the USCIS I-693 form here.

How do I fill out my USCIS I-693 form?

There are specific requirements in filling out your USCIS I-693 form. It is essential you follow the instructions below exactly. 



→ Fill out entire first page and the contact information at the top of the second page.

→ Use Black Ink ONLY

→ Fill out your name at the top of every page


→ If you cannot read or speak English well and need an interpreter. the interpreter must fill out part 3 on pages 2-3. This will not negatively affect your application.

→ If someone is preparing your form, the individual filling out the form needs to fill out the "Preparer Information" starting at part 4 on pages 3-4. 

Do you submit my USCIS I-693 form? 

During your appointment, the physician will complete the required section of your USCIS I-693 form and seal it in an envelope. You will also be provided with a copy for your records. You are responsible for submitting this documentation with your application. 

Should I open my envelope?

DO NOT open the seal on the envelope the USCIS physician gave you. The US government will not accept USCIS I-693 forms in envelopes with seals that have been broken or tampered with.

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What to Bring to Your Appointment

What do I need to bring to my appointment? 

A CURRENT unexpired passport, drivers’ license, or an official US government-issued ID is required at the time of your exam.


Vaccination (Shot) records

Please bring any vaccination records you may have, even if incomplete.


Payment Method

We accept cash and all major credit cards;

Insurance DOES NOT cover USCIS Exams, but you can use HSA/FSA or Flex dollars.

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What vaccines do I need?

Required vaccines are determined by your age. Some vaccines, such as MMR and Varicella, can cause delays in getting required testing or receiving other vaccinations. Because of this, we recommend that you DO NOT get any vaccines before coming to see us. Allow our experienced staff to determine your needs first. Please bring any vaccine records you may have. If they are in a foreign language, they will need English translations.

Seasonal Flu Vaccine is required from October 1 to March 31 each year.

Where can I get vaccinations?

Medical Exam Specialists offer a number of vaccinations on-site. We are also happy to recommend the following locations for vaccinations AFTER you have come in for your USCIS exam.  Vaccines obtained at your doctor’s office or pharmacy may be covered by insurance. Please do not get any new vaccinations before your USCIS medical exam.

How much do you charge for vaccinations?

We offer the following vaccinations in our office:


MMR $125

Tetanus $100

Flu (in Season) $50

What if I’ve already been vaccinated?

If you’ve already received vaccinations, please bring your records with you to your appointment. If you are unable to obtain your vaccination records, we can perform a variety of tests to determine which vaccinations you have already received. The results of this test, called a titer, will serve as legal proof of vaccination.  These tests are an extra expense and our titer fees are listed here for your convenience.


Rubella Titer $50

Rubeola Titer $50

Mumps Titer $50

Varicella Titer $50


MMR Combined Titer $100

MMR + Varicella Titer $125


Additional Syphilis testing (if required) $50

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Payment and Insurance

How much does an appointment cost?


CHILD EXAM (Under 15) $325


Our fee includes the exam, all paperwork and the required lab testing. As of October, 2018, Tb skin testing is no longer accepted by the USCIS. The newly required TB Blood test is included in our fee, as well as the Syphilis and Gonorrhea tests.


If you would like to receive vaccinations in-office, our vaccination fees are as follows:


MMR $125

Tetanus $100

Flu (in Season) $50

If you have already received vaccinations, we can perform a test, called a titer, to provide legal documentation of your vaccination status. Our titer fees are listed below:


Rubella Titer $50

Rubeola Titer $50

Mumps Titer $50

Varicella Titer $50

MMR Combined Titer $100

MMR + Varicella Titer $125


Additional Syphilis testing (if required) $50

Prices are subject to change without notice.

When do I pay?

All payments are due at the time of the appointment. 


How can I pay?

We accept cash, all major credit cards, FSA/HSA & flex-dollar payments.  We cannot accept checks or insurance as a payment method.

Are there any additional costs?

If you would like to receive vaccinations on-site or need a vaccination titer, these are offered to our patients at an additional cost. However, they are optional add-ons and unnecessary if you already up-to-date on your vaccinations and have records verifying this.

Can I bill my insurance?

Unfortunately, we cannot accept insurance for a USCIS medical exam. However, you may be able to utilize insurance to cover any necessary vaccinations at a pharmacy or doctor’s office.

Can I pay with an HSA/FSA or flex-dollars?

Yes, we are happy to accept payment through your HSA/FSA and flex-dollars.

Still have a question? Please feel free to call us anytime!

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Scheduling an Appointment

How do I schedule an appointment?

You may contact our office or schedule online.



How far in advance do I need to schedule an appointment?

We schedule same-day or next day appointments in order to help you complete your application quickly.

Can I schedule my family’s USCIS exams at the same time?

We can accommodate individuals and entire families in a single visit. 

How long is an appointment?

Each appointment is between 10-30 minutes. Please plan at least 20 minutes for each individual in your family receiving a USCIS medical exam. 

Where are you located?

We are located at 965 S Main Street, Plymouth, MI 48170.

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